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Friend trying to avoid a sin


One of my friend, who is since childhood masturbating. Now he is married and still doing it and watching porns. All our friemds know his this habbit as he sometime discuss how to get rid of this and he is trying hia best too. He recently promised to himself that if he commit this sin again, he will sacrifice an animal. But now he is scared as he cant leave the sin and saying if he keep sacrificing animal after every sin like this he may went into financial crisis. I from my side told him, there is no such condition in islam, that if u commit this sin u have to sacrifice, all i heard is if u want to leave the sin u make fasting, this is much better and alao in hadith. But he is scared he said but what about the nazar or promise he made. So i thought to ask a good alim for him. He ia trying his best but unfortunately he cant. Plz guide us to thw correct solution. So that he can leave such sin as well and not run into financial crisis as well. Jazak Allah khair


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your question
For any  Nadhr to be correct, pls see the following  link:
Also, for masturbation and how one can help himself:

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Naajiya Jaffery