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Fornication disclosure to husband to be .


I was in friendship with Mr. X and was committed with him since past many years and now engaged to him Masha Allah. Our relationship is very pious and respectable. We never touched each other . A year before my engagement with my friend X, I had an  affair with Mr. Z and had physical relationship but there was no penetration of his sex organ into mine. I was cheating on my friend X. Finally I realized my mistake and now I have left Mr. Z….
My fiance Mr. X got this information from different people about my past affair and asked me but i5 refused to accept it. I repent for my sin daily but I don’t want to hurt my fiance. Nor I want to cheat him. One thing is for sure that he will not leave me even after I accept my sin in front of him but I don’t want to hurt him . He will marry me even after my  accept my sin but will make my life miserable. What should I do now ?
Should I tell him the truth before marrying him ?
I don’t have courage to face …
Second , will GOD forgive me ?
Is here any kaffara of my sin ?
My marriage is planned after three months. Please reply.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your question.

No one is obliged to disclose their sins to the other accept Almighty Allah (az) and ask for forgiveness.
I will encourage you to ask Allah for forgiveness and stay true to that asking by never going back to the sin.
And since you have repented there is no need to disclose anything to anyone.
Sister, life brought you to be with your better half in the most beautiful and halal way, you do not want to spoil it by engaging yourself into things that aren’t recognised by Allah (az).

InshaAllah you have a wonderful life with your husband and the past never shatters that.