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I’ve committed zina today and I repent that. I’m crying writing that.


Salam, I can’t stop crying. I’m just hating my body, mine existance. I’ve never ever thought of committing this sin but I paid someone to have sex with me. I can’t describe my position right now. I even didn’t done that for the time that was agreed because I was feeling shame and regret and came back. But matter of fact is that it doesn’t matter how much but I’ve committed a kabirah sin. I just feel like commit suicide now. I have read that the punishment for an unmarried person is that he should be hammered with flogs 100 times. Now that I don’t have flog and I can’t tell anyone. I decided to punish my self with a leather belt with as much force as I have. I was crying all the way when coming back and on public road. I never intend to commit this sim again. Please please is there any chance of my forgiveness. Please please. O Allah Almighty help me look what have your created human done. Please inform me. JazzakAllah


Waalykum salam 

There is no doubt that Allah is the most forgiving! Greatest sin would be to despair from his mercy
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Kind regards

Naajiya Jaffery