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forgiveness for the grave sin committed


Asslamu alaikum .. I am boy in my teens. There is a girl working in our home. I deliberately saw her naked and enjoyed, but within few minutes I immediately regretted my mistake and vowed not to do it again. Asked Allah for forgiveness.
I also asked for girl’s forgiveness, but did not tell what i did just asked for a general forgiveness for whatever i have done to her, and she did forgive me for all the things.
Even after praying two rakats and crying on last sujood for forgivess, I think i am not forgiven by Allah..

Can you please tell me if it is enough for forgiveness or should I do more.. If i tell it to anyone i will be doomed.
Will i be forgiven?


Walikum Salam

Thank you for your Question.

Kindly refer to the following link for your Answer: Repentance

With thanks and regards,
Ask An Alim Team.