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forgiveness for person killed unintentionally in Car Accident


Assalamualaikm, I’ve recently killed a person in a car accident. It was purely unintentional. I regret a lot. It’s becoming difficult to step out of my house and live a normal life. How do i ask for Allah’s forgiveness? I understand Allah tests every person. But to test me, why does he have to make me accidentally kill someone. Is it really his will or my mistake?


Wa alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question. The first step to recovery is to forgive yourself. What was out of your control is not your fault, and while what happened is emotionally straining on a number of levels, those emotions need to be controlled with some perspective. Time will help with that. Make an effort to do normal stuff even if it doesn’t feel right at first. The accident already took someone’s life. For that person it was their time to go. But don’t let it take your life too, because then you would have waisted the blessing of life that has been given to you before its time. If you have someone to talk to, talk to them. Sometimes you just need to get the way you feel off your chest.

Ask Allah for forgiveness for any part you had to do with the accident and ask Him also to see you through these times and to make you a better person for it. Allah’s Wisdom is beyond what we can fathom and you have to know what you are looking at is not the full picture. Put your hope in Allah for a happy ending.

As for it being Allah’s Will or your mistake, know that nothing happens outside of Allah’s Will and that Will is completely good. Within that Will is our ability to make mistakes. Attribute that which is not good to yourself, and what is good to Him. And like I said put your hope in God and forgive yourself for that which was an accident.

If you want to get rid off this ill feeling, you may as well pay blood money to the family of the victim and also give a separate kafarrah. For this we would suggest you get in touch with the office of Sayyid Sistani in your country. The rullings will differ depending on your location and other extra details.

May you always be successful and may Allah see you through your difficulties by the light of the Infallibles (as)

Kind regards,
Ask An Alim Team under the guidance of Sheikh Zoheir Ali