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How to repent and restore rights for exposing someone’s sin?


In the past I’ve exposed other people’s sins. But now I’m becoming a better Muslim and want to repent for exposing other people’s sins. I don’t know how to properly do so though. I know that since I exposed someone that’s the rights of another person so I can’t just ask Allah for forgiveness but I have to return the rights of that person. How should I do this in my case? Should I go up to the people I exposed and tell them I exposed them of their sins even though they don’t know I did it? Should I confess so them? Or should I make lots of duaa for them? I’ve heard that if you backbite a person and they don’t know you backbit them then it’s sufficient to make lots of duaa for them. But if they knew you backbit them then that’s when you must ask for forgiveness. Here’s the examples of what happened in my case. I caught my one of my brothers watching pornography. My brother is quite young and he didn’t know that In order for you to pray again after watching porn you have to make a ghusl. As his sister in the moment I didn’t feel comfortable talking with him about it. So I exposed his sin to my mom about watching pornography. My mom has caught him at least one time before looking at inappropriate things too. Now that my mom knows about his sin shes made fun of him about it before. So now I feel bad for telling her cause I don’t want her to make fun of him. What should I do to restore the rights of my brother? The other situation is, I was on my relative’s laptop and I saw some inappropriate pictures of her on there being sent to someone else. When I saw those pictures, I exposed my relatives sin and showed one of my brothers the pics and the inappropriate convo my relative was having. After that me and my brother became very skeptical of that relative and said some rude things to her about it. So it ruined my relatives reputation with me and my brother in a way because I exposed the bad things she did. How should I restore the rights of my relative back to her? I know this is very long and I’m sorry but I really need to know. These sins of exposing other people are haunting me. I’ve genuinely changed and Insha Allah will never expose someone again. But I feel if I don’t return the rights to the people I’ve exposed some how, Allah will maybe still punish me. I’m very scared so please help me. It would be very difficult to confess myself to those who I’ve exposed and say I’m the one who did it. Especially to my relative because she way older than me and I know it could cause a drift between us. but I don’t know what to do.


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question

Kindly refer to the link below for a like Query:

Seeking forgiveness from someone who is impossible to find

Also, in the first case I believe you were trying to do good for your brother. You didn’t want to insult anyone. If your act of telling your mum was to want to stop the gunah (regardless what your mums approach was), then you did something to help him. May be you should try a different approach to help another.

In The second case, yes It was inappropriate to share it with others. Please refer to the link above.

Hope this helps,