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Forceful marriage with nikkah on telephone


Assalam alaikum

My parents want me to get married with a girl that i dont like, they are forcing me too much to marry her. I live abroad and they said we will do nikkah on telephone call.

I dont want to do nikkah with her, but my parents left me no choice now. I heard that forceful nikkah is not acceptable, so if i do this forceful nikkah on telephone, will it be considered as valid?

Secondly, can you please guide me the necessary terms of nikkah on telephone?

Thirdly, nikkah on the telephone is valid or not?


Thank you so much



Wa Alaykum al-Salam Brother.

Thank you for your question.

Marriage is very holy institute whose base is real love, mercy and tranquility “sakina”. So basically things like force or pressuring one another takes it out of its context.

In a way parents have right, they are your parents in the end of the day and they might have seen something good in this sister that they want her for you. (My personal advice, do consider their plea at least look into it and try to figure it out.)

There is also need of passing message to our parents through an elder in the family (influential) or resident Alim that children have their own taste and choice when selecting spouse.

Secondly:- the general rule of nikah should be preserved. In this case there is no difference with phone marriage. For detailed information please refer to our marja’s site, “chapter 27 Marriage”.

Thirdly:- Yes for sure it is valid.

Wishing you success in life with best of the choice.
S. S. Jaffery.