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Forceful Marriage and its effects


I am not in physically relation with my wife because I married her by force and emotionally blackmailed by my mother and uncles… I dint even talked to her for more than 1 year, is my Nikkah valid? If i dont want this..and many times I tried to gave her talaq but cant do that due to family issues ..and dont want to live with her …is my Nikkah valid or not ..if i give her Talaq in my dream? I pray to Allah all the time to make some way out that i am able gave her talaq…I am in a very bad conditions since a year and I am just 19 years old…and try many times to commit suicide as well?plz guide me thanks


Waalykum salam Brother. 

Thank you for you Question.
First of, I feel you need to seek urgent help and speak out your problems with a counselor or local Aalim of your community. Committing  suicide is Haram and it is not going better your situation from what you are in, rather make it worse!
Also, There has to be a solid reason for your denial of her as you wife!
Pls place all the pros and cons of this marriage and discuss each throughly with an Aalim or counselor so that youre able to make a firm decision.
On a side note, if you are not accepting your wife as is, for no reason, then know that Allah would despise such an act from you. After all, she too is someone’s daughter, sister etc who has left her entire life behind and agreed to marry you and live with you. Even after a whole year!
I hope you’re able to make good decisions InshaAllah
Kind regards


Naajiya Jaffery