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Forced marriage for a Convert


I am a New Muslim girl. I was in love with a Muslim guy. Whole heartedly accepted Islam and I’m a practising Muslim. My parents on knowing this got me engaged to a Kafir and wants me to marry him. I spoke to the person I’m engaged to he was not willing to convert himself and want me to revert back. I am not finding a way out to move from my home too. What shall I do? I need Allah’s help.


Salaamun alaykum sister,
Congratulations and welcome to the muslim community!

So for your issue, We got in contact with Ayatullah Sistani’s office and was told, according to the Shia doctrine a Muslim is not allowed to get married to a kafir, your relationship with your supposed husband will not be halaal.
So in your case, it would be better if:
1- you find a way to firstly sit calmly and explain to your parents and if they dont agree, then
2-you can try and convince your fiancee to change his decision about marrying you and if that does not work, then
3- you must be having Muslim friends or an aalim or a Muslim community where you can seek help from and maybe find a way to move out.

Also, If the Muslim boy, you mentioned is a religious and practising Muslim and is ready to get married to you, then to save your religion you are allowed to get married to him without your parent’s permission.

One important thing we should never forget is Allah puts people He loves through more trials to make their faith stronger and thus giving them so much more in return in the hereafter. So in time of trials, we should be strong and not lose hope in Allah(swt) for He is aware of everything and never leaves His servants alone during hardships.
أَمَّنْ یُجِیبُ الْمُضْطَرَّ إِذا دَعاهُ وَ یَکْشِفُ السُّوءَ
Or, Who answers the distressed one when he calls upon Him and removes the distress,

One other thing that we should do alot when we are going through difficulties is, asking for help from our last Imam, Imam Mahdi(as) and ask him to pray for us.
There is an istigatha(asking for help) from imam mahdi(as) in mafaatihul jinaan which is explained in the link below.

Isteghasa-e-Imam Asr

InshaAllah i hope and pray you pass through this test smoothly for after every difficulty, comes ease.

Kind regards
AAA team under the guidance of Sister Davdani