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Food wastage in islam



Would you be able to tell me the rulings in islam about if someone eats food just so it doesn’t go in the bin?

Whether this is a sin or not?




Alaikum salam.

It is not permissible to throw the food that is eatable in the garbage. Doing so is considered as disregard for the blessings of Allah and a failure to comply with His orders that one should not be extravagant.

It is unlawful to eat or drink anything that would cause death or inflict significant harm to a person. Therefore it would be considered a sin.
It is best to fill ones plate with small portions of food rather than filling it up such that one can’t end up in finishing it.
According to narrations, if one consumes food when they dont have an appetite, it would bring about foolishness in a person.
There is another option one can apply and that is either giving the extra food to the birds or animals, or saving it by packing it and freezing it so it shouldn’t spoil.

Salma Alavi.