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Fixing braces on teeth


Assalamoalikum..I am 28 years old, I want to ask a question about fixing braces on teeth, I heard that fixing braces just to beautify your face is haram, if there is no medical problem or defect or injury in teeth. I have no issue with my teeth but they are little outward that gives my face bad look as I am little skinny, mostly people advice me to put braces. Further at my last proposal for marriage mother or sister of boy also told me “why are you not putting braces at your teeth so they may push inward and your face look better”
Kindly guide me whether I can fix braces to push my teeth inward so my face looks better or beautiful as it may be the reason of rejection of various proposals.. JazakAllah.


Salaamun alaykum.
It’s not Haram to fix braces even if it’s for improving one’s looks.

Zahra Davdani.