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Fitra to Deserving


Respected Sir,
I want to ask that whether we can pay our Fitrana to some one other than cash? for example Rs:600/- fitrana is due and I know some one who is real deserving but I also sure that he never accept fitrana in cash shape due to his prestige or self dignity but he is dead deserving.How I can give Fitrana to that person while he is a white color gentleman.Can I give him fitrana in shape of some gift like clothes,grocery,wheat or some other thing equal to fitrana amount.?

Kindly guide me in this regard and oblige.


Alaykum Salaam

Since it is a Wajib tax, it can only be given to a Shi’a Muslim, or if one is not available, to any Muslim who does not bear enmity to the Ahl al-Bayt (A).

Of course you can help this gentleman in any way you want from non-Fitra money.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer