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Fish Burger


Are we allowed to eat fish burgers from the fast-food restaurant in NZ – like Mc Donald, which there may be possibility of using the same oil – which was used for frying the Haram chicken not slaughtered by sharia law (but there is no pork). If the fried fish is fried using the same oil that is used for frying the Haraam chicken – would the fish be Halaal?


Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem

Salaam Alaykum,
The chicken that is not slaughtered in an Islamic manner is considered najis, and it going in to oil will make the whole oil najis.  Therefore anything cooked in it will be cooked in najis oil.  Therefore fish that may be cooked in this kind of oil may be najis.
In terms of jurisprudence, if you know the fish is halal, and consider the people to be “the people of the Book”, ie Muslims, Christians or Jewish, you can ask if the fish burger is cooked in the same oil and if you consider them to be trustworthy people and can trust their word and they say it is cooked separately then there is no problem in it.