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Repayment of Missed Fasts


Assalam o alaikum

My question is related to missed fasts from previous Ramadan (I follow ayatullah sistani)

Last year I missed some fasts due to legitimate reasons; 6 due to my menstrual cycle and 7 due to travelling. Nonetheless I have been unable to make these up and now Ramadan is approaching.

Firstly, im not sure if your missed fasts have to be made up before the next Ramadan begins? Please can you clarify this

Finally if they have to be made up within the year Please can you advice what I need to do to ensure that I paid my penalties and what my penalties are? Do I pay fidya or kaffara?

Can you advise where I can calculate it and how I can pay ideally online



Alaykum Salaam

Missed fasts are required to be compensated for by fasting before the next month of ramadhan begins.

You would be required to pay fidya.
‘Fidya’ meaning compensation, is when someone is not able to fast in Ramadan and cannot make them up afterwards (due to illness etc.) they pay for someone else to be fed. For example, Fidya is payable when a person misses a fast due to legitimate reasons and then cannot fulfil its qadha.

(For those unable to repay their Rozas before the Ramadhan of the following year, Fidya is GBP 1.50 (USD 2.50) per Roza.)

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