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Feeling love for someone, is it from Allah or Shaitans waswash.


I am in love with my classmate. But I have never talked to him or told him what I feel for him. Just wanted to ask that “kisi na mehram k lie dil men muhabbat paida hona kia Allah ki taraf se hai ya ye sirf shaitan ka behkawa hai?”


Wa alaykum Salam

Thank you for your question

When a girl or boy reaches a certain age,it is very natural to get attracted towards the opposite sex. But people usually mistaken this attraction with love.

If a person develops this feeling for someone, the wisest thing is to do some investigation about that person and if it seems to be   a suitable match then measures should be taken to make it official.

In your case,I would suggest that you involve a third party who can suggest your name to the boys family.

If things don’t work out then it’s best to forget everything and proceed in life.

Allah puts love in one’s heart after the nikah is recited. The initial feeling people go through is just natural attraction and liking.

Sukaina Taqavi