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Feeling guilty about my decision for mothers treatment


I am going through extreme guilt due to choosing a bad doctor for my mother treatment that result at the end as her death.
I did my best to go for best treatment for her but result doesn’t come in our favor and we lost our mother. We had another choice also but i was the one who proceed with this doctor. He have injection which cause infection in her body. Now i am cursing and blaming myself that why i choose this doctor and should have gone for other option.

Please advise your thoughts on this situation


Wa Alaikum as_salam

First our condolences For your loss and we ask Allah
swt to forgive her and make her accompany
with ulama and shuhada and masumeen(as).

You must accept the fact that things don’t always work
out as we wish, all that matters is we should do what we can to our best. And in this case you did what you could in order to save your mother, you didn’t neglect your duties toward her.

Besides how do you know for sure that if you chose the
other doctor for her treatment she would have survived?

So you shouldn’t feel guilty about your decision considering
what you have done for her.

Remember you’re still capable of doing good deeds in
her behalf or for her in order to gain thawab and make her happy, things like charity, Quran recitation, ziarah and duas

AAA team under the guidance of Sheikh.Musayebi