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Feeling depressed about sharing my Husband in jannah with hoors


I am feeling very upset and depressed as i have been listening to bayaans about the hoors that a man has in jannah, I am upset that I will have to share my Husband with so many women, I cant even tolerate the idea of him going to  other women and having intimacy with them, if they get like 70+ women of jannah and 2 women from earth, then I how much time is He going to spend with me, or I wont be speacial for him as He will have many other wives to go to as well. How do I stop feeling jealous about this and cant I have him to myself.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your question

Jannah is not like the realm we are living in. We are Bounded by material world that has time and space constraint.
Jannah is free of such restrictions and no one can fully comprehend or perceive this because we are so used to the life here and have seen Nothing beyond this.
Hence, rest assured it isn’t like how you’re feeling at the moment. This is a worldly feeling. Feeling over there is beyond our imagination.

Besides, if Allah has promised hoors (to simply serve him) to the men, He (az) has equally promised us “ghilmans” (plural of servants/workers)
And we are not necessarily going to have physical- worldly- intimacy there. The intimacy there is of a different kind. The kind that every one will yearn, will be to have that closeness to the high station of Allah (az), His prophet and his (saww)’s holy house hold.

Therefore, instead of wasting your energy into worrying, I will suggest you channel it to worship the Almighty (az), love his prophet (saww) and his family. This will bless you with the “real” bounty one will be looking for in jannah.

InshaAllah this helps