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Fear of dog contamination


AOA. I have a question.

About 1.5 years ago my lunch box accidentally drop in front of dog and i suddenly pick that box and come back home. i have doubt that dog saliva had touch with that box. at that time i did not have knowledge about how to purify the utensil if dog licks it. i just through that lunch box without washing my hands in according to Islamic instruction. Recently i search this topic on internet and come to know about Islamic instruction in dog impurity.

If i couldn’t wash my hand my hand (since i pick the dog’s saliva contaminated lunch box with hands) at that time and touch almost all things around me in one and half year, then i doubt that all things around me would have been contaminated and my prayers would not accepted . now how could i clean all the things (which is impossible).

I have fear that my prayers would not accepted for the rest of life which leads to severe punishment from Allah in life and after death. I am so much worried. please guide me what can i do at this time.



Respected Sir,

If – like you say – you are not sure if the dog actually touched the lunch-box you should assume that it did not and that it remained pure. Also, even if you were sure that it did, you are not sure – like you say – what things the lunch-box or your hands came into contact with afterwards. We have a principle in Islamic jurisprudence that says that unless you are sure about the ritual impurity of something you should assume that it is pure. How this helps inshallah. By the way, don’t be so worried. God is Merciful and He has established solutions for these and other similar problems. Take care.