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fathers rights on Child custody


Assalmu ‘alaikum. Hope you are doing well. My question was in regards to when the mother of a child dies, what rights do the maternal grandparents and maternal aunt and other maternal relatives have towards the child. Does the father remarrying change any rights towards the child? Also is it ok for the child to be taught to call his stepmother mom with the understanding it’s his birth mother or should people wait until the child understands that this is his mother but not the one who gave him birth? Thank you.


Waalaikum salaam. 

When the mother dies during the term of her custody, the father gets the exclusive custody. Custody of Child

It is recommended to give children names that reflect servitude towards Almighty Allãh [for example, ‘Abdullãh; ‘Abdur Rahmãn; ‘Abdur Rahím] just as it is recommended to name them by the name of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), and the other Prophets and Messengers (a.s.).


And the father still has custody even after remarrying.
And about the child, whether to know his/her stepmother as the birthmother or to tell the child about the birthmother is totally a personal decision considering your own circumstances.
Zahra Davdani.