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Remarriage After Losing Virginity


1.Does a female who is 23 years old and not a virgin because of a previous short term marriage which one of the conditions of that marriage was that no sexual intercourse take place until she moves out of her father’s care and into her new home and that condition was broken before moving out of her father’s care. as a result a divorce took place and she has lived under her father’s care all her life. does such a girl need permission from her father to marry temporary or permanent marriage again yes they were married with conditions that no sexual intercourse takes place until she moves out of her fathers house and that condition was not honored along with other conditions that where not honored there after a divorce took place as a result of these conditions not being honored


Since she has lost her virginity, she does not need permission from her father to get married again, whether a temporary contract, or a permanent one.

Kumail Rajani