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Father of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S


I want to know about the Father of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S.
someone saying that He worshipped gods and will not entered in Heaven.
Kind Regards
Farhan Ali
Lahore, Pakistan.



Thank you for your question. Prophet Ibrahim’s (as) father as well as the fathers of all of the prophets were monotheists. Azar who is mentioned in the Qur’an is Prophet Ibrahim’s (as) uncle or another male relative who took him into his care after the death of his biological father. The opinion that Azar was not the biological father of Prophet Ibrahim (as) is not solely a Shia one and scholars of the Ahl al-Sunna such as Tabari in his book Jami al-Bayan and Alusi in his book Ruh al-Ma’ani have also stated this.

There story of Prophet Ibrahim (as) within the Quran also aids this opinion. Prophet Ibrahim prays for the person who was in the station of his father (meaning Azar) whist in Babil (Sura Maryam, 47) but after it became clear to him that Azar would not change his ways he stopped praying for him. Much later in his life when completing the building the Kaba he makes a prayer in which he prays for his father (meaning his biological father, see Sura Ibrahim, 39-41)

So what is said concerning Prophet Ibrahim (as)’s father is not correct, rather his father was a monotheist as were all of the fathers of the prophets, may Allah’s blessings be on them all.

May you always be successful

Zoheir Ali