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Father in law forcing husband for second marriage.


Asalamu alaikum wr wb..
I got married in 2016, My relationship with my husband is very strong and good Alhamdulillah till now. After marriage my in laws treated me good for about four months after four months they started their mentle torture.They were not allowing me to attend relatives functions and not allowing me to go to my parents home and all… but my husband has no objection in sending me and other problems they are creating, they are also brain washing  my husband. Two months back they asked my husband to divorce me, so my husband kept all these things in front of elder Islamic people ,they said to my father in law it’s not your right to tell your son to divorce ,and you should not spoil a girls life and all. They said to my husband that send your wife to her parents home because now the situation is critical for some period of time and you try for job in gulf immediately as my husband is jobless since 2.5 my husband dropped me at my mother’s place and our treatment for kids started and doctor told my husband to stay for 2months as he is having some problem in his motility count and told us to stay along but my husband can’t stay in my parents house as his father won’t allow him to stay here,so he is comes for 3hrs once a week and then  goes.  Now my problem is my father in law is saying that I should not come to their home and forcing my husband to do second marriage But my husband is not interested in second marriage. And he is not capable to marry because the first thing is that he is jobless, and he is depressed patient but his father is forcing him. What should we do now?? Hope you will give solution to my problem waiting for your response thank you .


Wa Alaikum al-salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Thanks for your question

Find the reason for your husband’s parents’ decision, maybe there is a misunderstanding, maybe they heard something about you that changed their view, etc. Basically, you should understand the reason for their behaviour and then try to fix it.

Also you can ask elders, to talk to your in-laws about the situation of your husband’s situation (about his depression, treatments etc.) and how important it is to make a safe, tension-free environment for him and how not doing these things could make things harder for him and you.
And it Is important to understand for yourself and your husband that no one can force your husband to marry a second wife. It is important for him to stand his ground and refuse any such pressure. InshaAllah he finds the right job and you can continue to have a wonderful life with him.


AAA under the guidance of Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi