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father in law abusive and facing harassment


Assalam-o-Alkum w.w I’m asking this question on behalf of my sister. Her Father-in-law is now a days continuously using abusive language, always uses bad language. My sister she is facing sexual harassment now a days & her husband told her to manage. My sister is feeling very uncomfortable. What does Islam say about this? Or is there any way that muslim scholars contact him & resolve this problem?


Assalamu alaykum Brother

I’m indeed very saddened to hear about your sisters situation.
Although it isn’t very clear from your Question what exactly you mean by sexual harassment. But such issues need immediate attention. No-one should be forced to adjust to something that Allah (azj) does not like.
I would suggest you ask your parents to speak to your Brother in law and also take some help from an Aalim or scholar and solve this for her.
I pray her issues are resolved. She is in my prayers