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Father disowned son for protecting his mother from physical abuse, is it permissible?


My husband has been abusive for 20 years. My children have had to witness this. His parents disowned him but made up. He only started to financially provide 2 years ago after his own father died. We have nothing to do with his family. His physical abuse is every time we disagree. My son defended me in public when my husband hit me my son hit him. My husband disowned him. What should I do? Is he allowed to do this. My son is only 16 years old. Still in school. I have two daughters also and my husband said he will speak to them. My daughters say no. What should happen in Islam. My husband no longer speaks to us or lives here


Wa alaykum salaam
I am sorry for the pain you had to bear in all these years.

It must have been very hard for you but it seems you somehow managed your life.
InshaAllah Allah will give you more strength and patience.

Right now your husband is the owner of his money he can choose not to give his son regardless of whether Islam allows him or not. But by disowning his son, he can’t deprive him from inheritance.

My suggestion is that try and stay away from his matters, don’t unnecessarily involve yourself with him. This is the best way to stay safe and away from his abuse.

As far as your son is concerned, I think he should apologize to his father because however bad the parents be, Islam does not allow the children to hit their parents. And this will also help in solving your problems to an extent.

Don’t forget to pray to Allah, He is the best helper and the best sustainer.

S. Taqawi.