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father attracted to wife


Salam I’m so sorry to say this My father is attracted to my wife as I have been living in another country for years I have just went backhome to get married. I got married and then I came back to England so my wife is living with my parents backhome We got married three month ago and I came back last month to work England cuz of my my job She called me today and told me that my always going to her room trying to kissing her on the cheek and touching her witch she’s not comfortable with it, she was crying and she told me she doesn’t know what to do Can you give me an advice on that please ASAP Jazakallah kahir Ramadan kareem

Waalaykum Salam

You must verify the situation yourself. If there is anything sensed then you must bring her back with you to the UK. BUt you should undesratnd that this is a Grave accusation and you mut be very careful in using such terms.

For further explanation,  make sure you remind your wife that your father’s her Mahram and can for that matter kiss her or touch her just like he would do to his biological Daughter. 
So you must be extremely cautious in judging this.
Iltimase dua
Sayyid Shabbar