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Fasting on Behalf of Sick Father


Salaam Alaykum, My question is: my father is ill, can i fast in sacrifice to my fathers condition? please help me.


Waalaykum Salam

I pray your father’s health is restored inshaAllah

It is indeed a very good thought to fast so that your father is relieved of his pain. In Islamic terminology you can do so under the caption of “Nadhr”  I.e. you intend to do a certain desirable act to resolve an issue or situation.

For this you must utter or intend in a certain way for it to become obligatory on you. So for instance in your case it would be “it is on me to fast for a day if my father’s health improves” The caption ‘it is on me….’ is necessary for the entire ‘Nadhr’ to be in order.

In my prayers
Sayyid Shabbar