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Fasting for limited period.


There is a widespread talk that those who are living in those countries which have fasting for 19-20 hours daily are allowed to fast for limited period of 12 hours. I am the Muqallid of Ayatullah Seestani. Please let me know if His Excellency is allowing this with reference from any of his Book on Jurisprudence.


There is a similar question in the official website of Ayatullah Sistani and hhis excellency replies:

1. It is obligatory to fast according to the religious timings of that place even though the days are longer.

2. If its difficult to fast and it is generally unbearable, then one can break the fast. Based on obligatory precaution one can eat or drink in a limited amount of the need and has to stay away from eating and drinking for the rest of the day. Well, this person has to do qada but there is no Kaffara.

3. The other option is to travel before zohr and break the fast and return back and then there is no need to saty away from the prohibiotns of the fast. Yes, the person has to do qada but there is no kaffara.

4. If fasting is a barrier for a work on which his/her life depends to the extent that due to fasting one can’t continue with the work or feels unbearable thirst, then if changing the work or leaving the work is possible and he/she can continue with the life even with seeking some loan, they should do that and fast the days. If not, then he can act as per point no. 2.

Kumail Rajani