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Fasting during Piles


My mother has a piles problem. Bleeding starts on irregular intervals. Can she fast? And if a bleeding starts while she is fasting, will the fast be broken?
Please guide, Jazak Allah


Wa Alaykumussalam

Glad to see you are serious in the Islamic rulings.

If fasting results in either one of the following, then one is allowed to leave the fast:

1) Because of fasting one gets the disease;

2) The disease worsens which the individual already had it from before

If these two criterias do not meet, then one must not leave the fast. So, in the case you have mentioned that your mother bleeds on irregular intervals due to piles, if fasting doesn’t bring disease or doesn’t worsen it then there is no problem if she fasts and bleeding would not invalidate the fast.


Syed Haider