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Fasting And ulcers


Salamun alaikum, Sheikh i want to know d ruling of a person who bear in his mind dat he can’t fast d ramadan because of ulcer and he ended up not being able to fast d ramadan.And i eventually confirm dat it is not ulcer it is just bearing in mind. What am i going to do islamically.


Salaamun alaykum

Ruling 1711. Someone who knows fasting will not cause him significant harm – even though a doctor says it is harmful for him to fast – must fast. And someone who is certain or supposes that fasting will cause him significant harm – even though a doctor says that it will not harm him – is not obliged to fast.

Ruling 1712. If a person is certain or confident that fasting will cause him significant harm or he deems this probable, and the probability creates fear in him, in the event that his deeming it probable would be considered by rational people to be reasonable, it is not obligatory on him to fast. In fact, if that harm would result in him dying or losing a limb, then fasting is unlawful; otherwise, if he fasts with the intention of rajāʾ and afterwards he realises that it did not cause him any significant harm, his fast is valid.

So if you were certain or you had good basis for being afraid that fasting would cause you harm, then it was not wajib on you to fast. But now that you have found out otherwise, you will have to make up for the fasts you missed and kaffara will not be necessary.

Zahra Davdani