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Fasting and Exams


Salam, I am a Muslim and it is currently the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting. I have exams and have to go to school to attend them in the hot weather. Sometimes I get so tired that I can’t do Dhuhr and Asr prayers and so I leave them for after Maghrib because of the heat intensity and difficulty. Allah says in the Quran that he does not want to place any person in difficulty, so does that mean that I can postpone fasts now and make up for them later when it is easier?



Having exams and hot weather is not a valid excuse to not fast and will be considered breaking your fast intentionally with out a valid excuse.

Keep in mind that fasting (if done properly) is actually good for intellectual sharpness and learning! It should help you rather than hinder you.

Trust in Allah Subhanahuwatallah and all the best in your exams.

Syed Samer Hakim