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I got nikkah one month before. after 1 month my brother give divorce to my bhabhi. because she slap to her husband (My brother) in anger. my brother said he cant afford her. After 3 weeks he contact with my in laws and she come in my home with all of them even my husband was also there. my in laws said to my mother you keep her (my bhabhi) otherwise you keep your daughter (me). my bhabhi said to my in laws im not good girl and she through many blames on me infront of every one. now my husband said clear all blames you and your family otherwise i cant take you like this and his family is also saying clear everything. Now suggest me what should i do??

Marriage is a sacred contract and full of challenges and hurdles on the path but if overcome, it can surely take one towards perfection. It is your duty to do all you can in order to save your brother’s marriage as well as your own.
You can start with your own so that you and your spouse could work as a team to solve your brother’s and him, his sister’s.
Try to win over your husband’s heart by humbly apologizing to him of any wrong done and express all goodness and love that you can in order to prove that. If your husband sees your truth and sincerety , I can assure you he will accept you even if his family doesn’t for the time being.  In the midst of this, keep on praying and specially recite the verse of the throne ( Ayatul Qursi) and tawassul to Imam Reza (a.s) to make your husband’s heart incline towards you.  InshAllah this will happen if you have conviction and faith.
When you have done that, try to tell him to help you out in putting a good word for you to his parents so that they too can start liking you.  Try as much as possible to make them happy with you even if you have to go out of your way doing all the lawful you can for them. You can also become friends with your sister in law and tell her that you will explain your brother that he should get back together with his wife and she will change now and be better. Tell her to ask for repentance and not to repeat the same mistake again.
Your husband has to help you all along and this will probably take some while but it definitely worth a try for the sake of Allah. Do good and receive better inshAllah.
Salma Alavi.