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Family problem


My friend who is an Indian business married to a lady who is a Saudi and OVERSEAS Citizen of India. They have a two years old boy. They live in India. The wife is a doctor and wishes to follow whatever she wants, like wearing skirts in ladies’ party, going bohemian etc which my friend doesn’t like. He used to love his wife so much that he did everything for her. They both love their child too much. But there is no true soulful love between spouses. Will he go for a divorce with the claim of the child?

Please advise.


Alaikum Salam.

It would be a great reward to help your freind solve his problem in making his marriage work rather than assisting him in breaking up.
Think of all the ways you can and have a serious talk with him. Advice him that a man has the courage to save his marriage if he wants to with the help of Allah s.w.t.
If your freind would start by giving his wife some quality time and having meaningful conversations with her with love and respect, it would change the woman for sure.
Advice him to try all he can to keep his marriage.
If nothing can possibly be done and they have to break up, then the two year child according to Islamic law should remain with his mother until the age of seven, whilst the maintenance of the child is on the father unless there is evidence that his wife doesn’t have the ability other than financially to bring up the child.

Salma Alavi