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False promises of marriage


Salam aleykoum
I am going thrugh a hard period of my life. I have been in a haram relationship for 5 years and living with that men for less then a year. Every month he promises me mariage and he always finds away of delaying or an other excuse.
I live in a country with out my family and only him he is taking advantage of that and being agressive and abusive and always his promises change. I am very lost and need help and guidances. Thank you


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your question

Unfortunately you’re in a situation which can be daunting. And the only person who can help you through this is yourself.
Hence, stand up for yourself and just do what’s right.

The first right thing would be to go back to what you initially came for and stick to that purpose for now.
Cut all ties with this fellow unless, he is pretty serious with the marriage and comes in with a decent proposal.

You need to get on some solid grounds to be able to help yourself and the situation.

What will really help you through this is; repentance. Asking Allah (az) for forgiveness will not only make you more focused but also give you the necessary strength to move on.
You see sister, This relation is haram and Allah (az) doesn’t recognize it. Hence, you should definitely ask for forgiveness and you will slowly see the strength and courage come in.
One of the main conditions of a sincere repentance is to never go back to the same sin.

I pray for strength and courage for you.

Please make a move to save yourself from further harm.
In the meantime, pray plenty to Allah, ask for forgiveness, and recite ziarat Ashura for 40 days.

Know that: everyone might turn their backs towards you, but Allah (az) never will!