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Is International call center job haram or halal


My Question is .. When we start our call the start is like this (My name is Jordan (but actually my name is hamza but I cant take my real name) and I am calling you from papa john or Orthopedic medial (but I am calling from a specific call center )

Cut short I use fake company and My fake name

So if I earn from this job

Will this be called as a Haram or Halal

Because one of my friend said .. That there is a hadees ( Not word to word ) but it is something like this
”That a believer can do most of the sins like Zina or Alcohol , but he cant lie ”

We do give away the product or we do the work but at first I am concerned about the start of the job which starts from saying fake names and fake intro



Thank you for your question. Lying is haram, however tawriyah is alright as long as it does not result in the violating of someone’s right. Tawriyah is when you tell a truth in a certain way that the listener understands something else.

May you always be successful

Zohair Ali.