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IT Consulting Firm


My close relatives have an IT consulting firm and they place people for IT jobs. Sometimes in this process they have to lie and deciet by showing some fake experience on peoples resumes who they are placing. IT industry has become as such that it’s necessary to show at least 3-5 years of experience otherwise there is no way that the company would hire the person. After someone gets a job that person works hard for that company t o make a living ( and not waste time or take advantage ). My question is is this type of earning considered halal? This process of hiring is very common and sometime even employers know because that how this industry works. People with no experience absolutely don’t get hired and to get them started showing some fake experience is a must. Please advise if this is allowed and the earning is considered halal?


I can understand the perceived need to pad out the resumes, but this is not allowed by Sharia. It is better to differentiate your real skills and abilities skills in a way that would be attractive to the employer.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer