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Fajr Prayer When 3 mins to Sunrise


Assalamu Alaykum. My question is followed; I was sleeping and woke up 10-12 minutes before sun rising. Then I quickly went to washroom and performed ablution and after that I saw it’s 3 minutes left for sun rising. So, I offered 2 rakah Fard prayer first before sun starts to rise, then when the sun got risen fully, I offered 2 rakah Sunnah prayer. Have I done anything wrong or is there any other way to offer fajr prayer in this situation?

Waalaykum Salam.
You did the right thing as Fajr is Wajib (and needs to be offered before sunrise) and Sunnah, as the name suggests, is a recommended (Mustahab) act and it can he read at any time you wish.
Kind regards,