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Asalamu Aleikum, Bismilahi Rahmani Rahiim. I received a call from my brother to assist him with money to start his business although he is working and paid well but after hearing his story. I went back to my wife and I told her i see an opportunity to do sadqatul Jaariyah because this business will help his family he has two daughters and looks after our mum so I thought this is the best opportunity for me and my wife to earn sadaqatul jaariyah till we are raised. Its important to mention me and my wife were very much in need of the money. We are in debt, I never send any money to mum but we still decided to go ahead and I transfered the money to him. more than two weeks he has not even acknowledged he received the money he didnt share with me the equipment he promised he will buy I believe and suspect he was not honest with me. I have not spoken to him yet because I dont want to spoil my rewards from Allah. what do advice me to do considering the money might not be used for the purpose I was told. Jazaakala Khayran.


Alaykum Salaam

Thank you for your question. God will accept your intention and reward you accordingly. But generally, when giving charity, wisdom is also a factor and the fact that what you were told would happen did not, can affect the extent of the reward. At the same time, approaching your brother for an explanation does not affect the reward of your intention.

May Allah solve this problem for you and bring your family closer.

Zoheir Ali.