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Eyebrow Hair Removed


Assalamualaikum, i have had my eyebrows done like almost a year ago, like i got the hair around them removed so my eyebrow shape was more clear.I use to have a lot of hair that would go everywhere and i don’t think it was exactly part of my eyebrow, i haven’t necessarily changed the shape its still my natural shape how it’s slightly more sharper as i now thread around them. i use to hate them because i wear hijab and eyebrows is one of the main things and it would look weird as the hair was around my eyebrow too, in the Quran it says Allah curses woman, is there anything i must do islamically to be okay in the eyes of Allah? Jazakallah

Provided you are confident of not falling into something that is forbidden ,and also exposing your face is not done with the intention of inviting gazes from na mahram which is forbidden, then it should be alright.  Remember, in Hijab, intention should go with action like in all other cases. Try to be as simple as possible in your Hijab and be in the midst of women as much as you can.  Also if you become too concious of yourself specially when confronting a na mahram, you will tend to probably make them notice the change in your face, so be serious and to the point without long conversations with men who aren’t lawful for you.
Salma Alavi.