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Mother and son


My husband is 30 years old..and my mother in law is in good health Alhamdullilah..but even if she sometimes has knee pain or waist pain or pain anywhere in her body my husband apply her balm no matter what part of her body…that is quiet awkward to see honestly and i dont feel right..because islam has many boundaries for a daughter and father she cannot even seat next to her father..for son and mother are there no boundaries can a mother really be half naked in front of her 30 years old son and let her touch?even if she is physically healthy?


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

A man and a woman who are mahram to each other are allowed to look at each others body except for the private parts IF they dont hav any intentions of seeking sexual pleasures and also if they are not afraid of any haram act taking place.

On a side note, We would like to mention that there is no restriction in Islam in regards to a daughter siting close to her father.

Thank you very much
AAA team under the guidance of Sr.Davdani