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Expiation / kaffarah for breaking fast unlawfully in Ramadan


As-salam `alaykum. May Allah forgive me and my wife! In the past, we were seduced by our desires and made love one day in the daytime of Ramadan. What should we do in order to expiate for this day?
If I do not have any health issues , Should I be fasting consecutive 2 months? or
Giving food to sixty poor people will expiate the sin? ( I know a foundation who is giving 50 people food, so giving the required amount of money to the foundation will be enough?)


Salaamun alaykum.

Refer to page: Recompense (kaffārah) of a fast

1669. The Kaffarah of leaving out a fast of Ramadhan is to:
(a) free a slave, or (b) fast for two months or (c) feed sixty poor to their fill or give one mudd (= 3/4 kg.) of food-stuff, like, wheat or barley or bread etc. to each of them.

1676. If a fasting person engages in sexual intercourse several times a day during Ramadhan or commits masturbation, one Kaffarah becomes obligatory on him. But, as a recommended precaution, he should give a Kaffarah each time he engages in sexual intercourse.

1687. If a man who is fasting in the month of Ramadhan has sexual intercourse with his wife who is also fasting and if he has compelled her for that, he should give Kaffarah for his own fast and as a precaution, also for his wife’s. And if she had wilfully consented to the sexual intercourse, a Kaffarah becomes obligatory on each of them.

1695. When a person is required to feed sixty poor by way of Kaffarah for one fast, and if he has access to all of them, he cannot give to any one of them more than one mudd of food, or feed a poor man more than once, calculating it as feeding more than one person. However, he can give to a poor person one mudd of food for each member of his family, even if they may be minors.

You cannot give money instead of kaffara but you can give someone the money for 120poor people(each 750gms of either rice, bread, wheat, barley..) to buy the foodstuff on your behalf and distribute it amongst the poor people.