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Exemption from fasting and prayers during menses


Is there a mention in Quran with regards to exemption from prayers and fasting during menses for women? The only verse we could find referred to staying away from women during their period, however I have failed to look for a verse from the Quran and the reason as to why women are exempted from fasting during their menses. Also if the period ends before noon, can ghusl be done during the day and fast be valid for that day?


Yes, its true that we do not have a single verse in Qur’an indication on exemption from fasting during the menses. But we do have many ahadith on this ruling. Please refer to Wasil al Shia Vol. 2 Pg. 343 Ch. 39 of Abwab al Hayd

For instance, Imam Rida (as) is reported to have said: 

َ إِذَا حَاضَتِ الْمَرْأَةُ فَلَا تَصُومُ وَ لَا تُصَلِّي‏


When a lady is in menses, she shouldn’t fast and pray

Wasil al Shia Vol. 2, Pg. 344, Hadith No. 2319

Period ending before noon: Fast can’t be valid for that day.