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Does Islam really treat all men equally?


Hi! I’m Reed.

I’m an atheist boy studying at Harvard. I know that it is scientifically impossible for God/Allah to exist, Stephen Hawking logically proved it a long time ago. But I do think that when you get religious, your mental state gets better. You get calmer, happier. But I don’t think even religion would satisfy a person like me.

I’ve been chasing the Dunya for quite a long time. And I admit that there really is no peace. There is always someone richer, bigger. sexier. It never stops.

But I do know a thing or two of Islam. And I think that there is no peace there either.

Because no matter how Islamic you get, there will be someone who memorized the Quran at the age of 3, performs 1000 rakats of Salah every day, can memorize an entire book by the blink of an eye, has the facial beauty of a Farishta(MalaaIkah, as you guys say), and whatnot. According to my knowledge, there are 7 heavens, and each heaven has 100 levels. Won’t there always be a superior one if I convert to Islam? And of course, no one can surpass that big boy, Prophet Muhammad.


Hi there Reed. Great to hear from you.

The very question you have asked is in it self evidence of the existance of God. You see, for every desire you have, there has to be something to fulfill that desire. Otherwise, that desire would not have come in to existance.

For example, you get hungry. Food satiates that.
You get thirsty… you would drink water.
You get cold, you use heat some how to over come that.
You have sexual desires to fulfill, and so there is a means to satiate that with intercourse for example.

Now you have explained the desire for contentment, and indirectly, the desire to be eternal and limitless. That desire, the wish to be the wealthiest, sexiest, strongest, and to be eternal, are all desires that are able to be fulfilled. What are needed are the tools to be able to do so.

Just like needing tools to farm, hunt, use fuel for heat and perhaps even tools to attract the opposite gender, so too are the tools for the fulfillment of eternity availble to you.
There is no need to go in to why Stephen Hawkings theories and scientific explanations reach a final invalid conclusion (for example, he limited God to being restricted to exit with in the concept of time), I am sure you have read all the arguments for and against.

The point that needs to be made however, is that desire you have for contentment and eternity, needs to be fulfilled.

So you need to find the tools to fulfill them.

If more of whatever it is you have been chasing is not satisfying it, then you are obviously looking for something bigger and better. More eternal. More powerful, than anything and anyone else.

God, being eternal and limitless, gives mankind the opportunity to find the tools and use them to reach him… except, as you said, there is always some one that is going to be better than you. But even that person is looking for something bigger and better, to get closer to that eternity that God is offering them… and being eternal, you can always look forward to something 🙂

S.L. Al-Hakim