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Foster Relationship


Assalam o Alaikum Sir Sir I want to know about the details of foster relationship? I mean how many times or how much you have to suckle to establish this relationship? If I have suckled a woman only once then Is she my foster mother or not? Kindly answer in light of references please. Regards.


Alaikum Salaam

If a child under 2 is breastfed by a woman in way that it can be said that the milk has helped form the bones and flesh of the baby OR he has breastfed 15 times consecutively from this women, OR he has breastfed over a period of 24 hours without eating anything else during that period.

These are the 3 ways by which this child will become mahram to the woman, as well as all her family members (as if this child was her own child).

Therefore, if you have only fed from this woman once, it is not consider as a foster relationship and there is no mahramiyat.

This is according to Ayatullah Sistani, rule number 2483

Miqdad .R.