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Enjoyment in Islam


Salamun alaikum,

What kind of enjoyment islam suggest to bring in our daily life? As enjoyment is very important for keeping oneself happier.





Yes, enjoyment is very important in Islam. We find in one narration from Imam Kazim(s) the following : Strive to divide your time into 4 parts: […] One portion for your leisure time which is not haram”.

Examples of enjoyments include:

1)Sports and exercise

2)Traveling beautiful nature places

3)Visiting families and  good friends, spending a joyful time with them.

The points to ensure is that it should be halal, not be mixed with sins and should not be excessive.

I leave you with another hadith: Imam Sadiq (s) asked Yunus once: ‘How much do you joke around with each other?’ Yunus said, ‘Little.’ The Imam (s) said, ‘This is not how it should be, for playing is part of good character, and through that you bring happiness to your brother, and the Messenger of Allah (s) would joke with people wanting to make
them happy.

Miqdad Rajabali