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I am Engaged with a girl I dont like.


Assalaam.o.Alaikum….My question is:
My parents have done my engagement with the girl i do not like.
I told my parents to break my engagement, because I do not want to marriage that girl. But they are not admitting my point of view because they said that we have done the commitment, now we cannot…,I am so much worried ….plz tell me right path and suggestion according to Quran and Hadith….
Thanks….plz reply…
May ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless u more….


Wa alaykum salaam

Islam has given full authority to those who want to get married, to choose their spouses themselves.
Although it is better to do this with the advice and permission of the parents.
One of the basic requirement of marriage is acceptance from both parties. That is why nikah cannot be recited without permission from the bride and groom.

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