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elder sisters doing nothing for my marriage


Sir i want to ask about late mariage. 10 years ago my parents was died. I have four sister i am the last one (fifth). I am 39 years old. Me and my fourth sister, we both are unmarried, my two middle sisters are married, elder sister was divorced and have a daughter she is living with me and my unmarried sister. My ist two sisters were favorite of my parents they spend all of their life to give them a superb life and to their husbands.
My unmarried sister is now 46 years old my elder sister is not willing about her marriage because she and her daughter is living on behalf of us. she has no home and no financial source other than us.
Sir i want to ask is it true, not to marry a person because of our own benefits. Ist of all that was my parents farz to marry their daughter now my sisters are doing nothing for marriage. Sir what should i do, i am so much worried about it. I am now patient of depression. I can’t do anything because nothing is in my reach and approach. You can say our remote control are in the hands of my two elder sisters only for commanding and dominating purpose but they are doing nothing for us except order. Sir please tell me is it valid and guide me what can i do i will be very thankful to you.
Regards: Hifza


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

I’m not sure if I got your Question correctly but no Sister, or for that matter a sibling, has the right to decide or deny marriage for another.
Also, If you are willing to marry, Then you must ask someone to help you find the Right person for you.
For this you can approach a local Scholar and or an elderly who understands your family well. That way, InshaAllah you Will be able to settle in life.
There is no harm into fending for your needs and wants.

Also, duas move mountains. Speak plentiful with Allah (swt) and ask for guidance. Set some charity aside and recite a lot of istighfar.

InshaAllah all Goes well and you’re able to settle well in life

Kind regards,

Naajiya Jaffery