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Ejaculation in Fasting


Assalam o Alekum, Please advise what to do as in fasting this morning I couldn’t control my emotions while lying with wife and got ejaculation/discharged while touching her. Not have intercourse. Now should I continue the fasting or have any kaffara.



Thank you for your question. Below are the relevant rulings according to Ayatullah Sistani:

Ruling 1573. If someone intentionally indulges in courtship with the intention of ejaculating but he does not ejaculate and does not make another intention to fast, his fast is invalid; and if he makes the intention to fast, then based on obligatory precaution, he must complete his fast and also keep a qaḍāʾ fast.

Ruling 1574. If, for example, a fasting person indulges in courtship with his wife without the intention of ejaculating, in the event that he is confident (i.e. he has iṭmiʾnān) that he will not ejaculate but does happen to ejaculate, his fast is valid. However, if he is not confident that he will not ejaculate and does ejaculate, his fast is invalid.

May you always be successful

Zoheir Ali