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As Salam O Alaikum,

Dear Sir, I hope you are doing well and in the best of your health.

My name is Hasan Naeem and I am from Pakistan. By profession I am a Software Engineer.

This email is to ask a question that I am worried about from quite sometime.

Moving on to my question: I and few of my friends are going to start a business. As we are all from software side and doing jobs, so we have thought of a business in which we do not have to put much effort and time, all because we have to manage our jobs with it. The business is: There is an online portal that has tickets to (events / concerts / movies / theaters etc…). The portal allows people to post those tickets on their own sites for sort of advertisement. And whenever any ticket buyer buys a ticket after viewing / visiting the site that is advertising it, the online portal pays certain amount of commission to the advertiser site.

My argument with my friends is, if we develop an advertiser site, we are basically promoting (concerts / movies etc…) through our advertiser site and whenever we will earn something, it might be haram. In response my friends say that if that’s an issue, then we are almost working / building projects that support social media, videos, interest based softwares for banks etc… so the income we make from it also is haram.

This is very confusing for me, please elaborate this concern. As we from software side are almost working on such projects.

Also, please mention the business that we want to start, is it valid in Shariah.

May Allah SWT help us find the right path.


Hasan Naeem



 In the case of advertising,  yes it can be haram if the music is haram or the concert is going to play haram music, but if according to your marja’ e taqleed
if  the type of music is halal, then it is not a problem.
Or if advertisers are interest based then yes it is not allowed.
Or if the movie also has haram music, then its not allowed, but if its an islamic serial, like mukhtar or any such, or even those movies that are
story based, even fiction,  it is allowed provided there arent any haram scenes in it, or even provoking scenes.

Wallahu A’lam