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Earning money on seeing ads on YouTube will this be called Usury (sood)


Salaam, this is Ali. I’m a student of Engineering. Actually, my question is regarding Usury (Sood). I’ve been encountered with a website, “click pay earn”. Its a website for earning money online, by investing some amount in it and getting profit from it. I know that interest is Usury (Sood) but this website asks to watch ads on daily basis about 10-20 more or less approx. This website works on that we invest for example 3000/ and get 9000/ after three months, plus we should watch ads also. We get profit from it, there’s no loss. Its not a scam.
I wanted to know that by earning money on this will be Usury (sood) or by watching ads it wouldn’t be (sood)?


Salam alaykum,

Thank you for your question.

Maybe you could contact the company and ask them what the extra money is for: is it interest or a salary for doing some task, such as watching ads? In any case, according to many Shia jurists, such as Ayatullah al-Udhmah Sistani, it is permissible to recieve interest from non-Muslims.

I hope that helps.
Thanks again for your question.