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Dua for Marriage


assalam o alaikum

please tell me some dua for marrying soon. me and my mother we both have recited many duas and wazifas. I have also recited namaz e jafar e tayyar.

now what should I do? ? please help me


Dear Brother, Salaam Alaykum.

More duas would be available in and under the marriage section.
You should continue praying with the hope that God is aware of your need and will respond to you at the right time.
It will require you to be more patient as there is a right time for everything and in this waiting period lies His wisdom.
Apart from continuing your supplications, which God likes, you could introspect to see if you are ready for a life-long commitment in every way.

We pray for your reward and a suitable spouse that together you would journey in continuing to acquire His pleasure.